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Media Content Production: English Writing, editing and proofreading

In addition to great photography, Juicy Monkeys now offers professional writing, editing and proofreading services.

I have a lifelong love affair with words. 

I’ve worked as a professional editor and proofreader of English-language texts for nearly 20 years, and I’m very comfortable working with translated texts and content written by non-native English speakers.

When you choose to work with me, you’ll receive clear, well-written content in fluent English. Whether you need English content for your website or company blog or help writing an article, feel free to contact me. If you already have content or text, but you need an editor to ensure that the English is fluent, flowing and flawless, I do that too.

Just send me an e-mail at or, and we can discuss your project.

Vanessa Arnold


What my clients have to say

Anisa AlSharif, Co-Founder, Zoom In Photography - “We used Vanessa’s services for our website and blog. We were completely satisfied with her work, which was thorough, thoughtful and effective. We found her to be extremely accommodating, proactive, and someone who demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. It’s clear that Vanessa loves her work and takes great pride in the finished product.”


Viki Shah, Consulting Editor at YogaLife Middle East Magazine - “I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa for the past year on a few projects and would highly recommend her for many reasons. As a niche magazine, YogaLife requires a deep understanding of the subject that is being addressed in the feature, and Vanessa struck just the right tone and always asked relevant, astute questions to help shape the content I had in mind. She's easy to work with and always on schedule with well-written features that require very little or no editing. When I work with Vanessa, I have in her a collaborator on the project, as she offers imaginative ways to present the content in an interesting way for the reader.”


Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright of WomanSpace - “I have worked with Vanessa for many years and her approach is always precise and reliable. She is my go to when I need fresh capable eyes to proofread. I fully trust her advice and editing skills.”


KCT - "Vanessa Arnold was very professional and cooperative in helping me with the editing and proofreading of my thesis. She has also helped me to improve my writing skills with her intuitive observations and suggestions about clarity of details. She had the experience and knowledge that I needed."


Andrea Anstiss, Psychotherapist - “Vanessa is my go-to editor in the UAE. Her crystal clear thinking illuminates her work, which is always delivered on time and on budget. I have utilized her wonderful skill and quirky sense of humor on all manner of projects: text for websites, chapters for inclusion in books, articles for magazines.  I also have the privilege of working with her in other capacities, her integrity and compassion shines vividly in all she does - even when it's necessary to axe half the waffly words of the memoir I am currently writing!”



Aparajita Ghose, Graphic Designer and Yoga Instructor - “I have used Vanessa to write an article I was struggling with. She was great in terms of asking the right questions and getting the information out of me. And what was amazing was that she got back with clear precise writing that was spot on. In addition she is wonderful person to work with, on time and very helpful.”


My experience includes:

·      Content for company and personal websites

·      Company blogs

·      Magazine articles

·      Personal bios

·      Books, biographies and autobiographies, short stories

·      Promotional material, marketing content and flyers

·      Texts for international conferences and awards and their websites

·      Abstracts for a research journal

·      Translated editorials

·      Theses and dissertations

·      PhD proposals

·      Translated poetry


Writing samples: