Who We Are

I'm always super stoked when I get the chance to photograph exceptional culinary creations by  talented chefs.

Years of experience and hard work mean that I can set up lighting and photograph each dish in a way that highlights the chef's creativity and expertise.

With a trained eye and a passion for detail, I can tell what will make or break a shot.

My aim is to work with the world's greatest chefs and restaurants, taking very good photographs of very good food. 

David Nascimento


who we are

David Nascimento, a professional photographer based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE


David Nascimento

A professional photographer, David has been in the industry for over 17 years; he remembers film, labs, light meters, 5"x4", and when FujiFilm FP-100C was known as Polaroid.

With a love for photography, food and travel, his focus is on working for international hotel groups. He has taken photographs for Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Dusit International, WARWICK International Hotels, The H Hotels & Resorts, and Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas.

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Vanessa Arnold

A professional writer and editor, Vanessa Arnold has been assisting Dave since 2010, and she's especially fond of food shoots.  With almost 20 years experience proofreading and editing texts, she has an eagle's eye for detail, which comes in very handy on photo shoots.

If you need help creating, editing or proofreading written content, just send her an e-mail.



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